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Air Conditioning / Attic Air Conditioning


Attic A/C

Need to install or repair your AC system? Call 401-738-9245 for service.

Are you planning to add a new air conditioning system? Looking to repair your current system? Greenwood technicians have years of experience servicing and installing central air condition systems. Contact us to get started right away.

What are Potential Problems?

Common problems involve leaking, which occurs from the condenser. Based on building codes, a drip pan or an overflow system must be used to control leaks. Code requires the use of an overflow system when water leaks are liable to cause structural damage.

Our technicians are up to date on all local safety codes and the proper procedures for installing and maintaining your AC system. We will install the drainpipe in a location where water will not interfere with walkways.

Drain systems for an air conditioner unit must drain independently. The overflow must have a drainpipe. Without a drainpipe, the homeowner will have to check the area each day.

Let us take care of your new AC installation or repair. For immediate service, call 401-738-9245 today.