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Sump Pump

How Does a Sump Pump Work?

When you contemplate your home’s most invaluable equipment, your sump pump may not come to mind right away. Nevertheless, it should be a top contender due to the fact that it prevents flooding in and around your basement while ensuring dryness and comfortability. Taking the time to comprehend how a sump pump operates is essential […]

Save Your Home From Frozen Pipes!

Freezing pipes are a nightmare! It is very important to keep your pipes fully thawed out during the winter months otherwise, you could wind up with a ton of damage and thousands of dollars worth of repair work. Here are seven simple ways you can keep your pipes safe from the cold this season. 1: […]

Let Greenwood prepare you for summer!

Save Money This Summer! Your A/C system is one of the largest power users in your home.  It is very easy to rack up your energy bill, without even realizing it.  There are plenty of little things you can do to keep it running efficiently and keep your energy bill low. Check out these easy tips you can use on […]

24-Hour Emergency Plumbing in Warwick

Water Heaters Greenwood Plumbing & Heating provides emergency services to solve all of your water heater needs. Whether your water heater is acting up due to old age, mineral buildup, or lack of maintenance we guarantee top notch service ensuring long-term efficiency. Not sure if you should repair or replace your water heater? Call for […]