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Got Pipes? We’ll Protect Them!

Yes, it’s been 60 degrees the past 2 weeks, and the least of your worries have been frozen pipes. Procrastinating winterization is no surprise as we all want to soak up the last days of beautiful weather before being stuck in hibernation. However, make no mistake, freezing temperatures are upon us, so it’s extremely important […]

Summer Plumbing Maintenance

Even with COVID-19 upon us, summertime is still a great time of year here in Southern New England. You can still socially distance at the beach or go out to eat with friends. With all the fun that’s happening, sometimes your plumbing system lacks the attention it deserves. With the kids home from school for […]

The Importance of Water Softeners

The terms “hard” and “soft” water are often thrown around the plumbing and heating industry, but to the average homeowner, it can get confusing. It has nothing to do with texture at all – instead, it’s all about the minerals in your water. As you can imagine, hard water has a bunch of minerals (calcium […]