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Are You Ready for a Preventative Maintenance Check?

Are You Ready for a Preventative Maintenance Check?

When you have a heating system, it is important to be routinely keeping up with it. The same thing applies to a gas furnace as well. You are making an investment into your home and you want that investment to pay dividends for you and your family. The initial decision you made was a commitment to installing a system that is reliable and dependable when you call upon it. Sometimes life may get busy and you may not be mindful of the importance of keeping up with your heating system or gas furnace. Greenwood is here to remind you about the importance of keeping up with your system. This does not mean just to make sure it works daily, but to also be aware of other aspects you will need to take action upon in order to have a fully functioning system. We will show you what to look out for as well as what may be occurring within your home if your system begins to show signs that there may be an issue within your home heating system.

It is important that you are proactive and checking up on your system on a regular basis. If you are have missed a few check-ups, do not fret, as you have us! Let’s get on this system as soon as possible to ensure that you do not need to be wary in case a future problem may arise. Below is a list that contains some preventative measures to take in order to ensure the proper performance of your system:

● Check safeties and switches
● Check the thermostat
● Check the hoses and belts
● Schedule a tune-up
● Check the exhaust vent
● Test the ignition system
● Combustion analysis

These steps are important because they all can help ensure the safety of your home with our systems. We want you to be using our system with no concerns, and when there are concerns, you know that we are always here and available to get our technicians out to you. Our staff is well equipped with the tools and knowledge to get your system ready for the weather or to get your system back on track to perform as it should.

Heating Maintenance

We have technicians available at your call to perform maintenance. Not everyone has the ability to do these measures and we want you to know that we are here to help you with these tune-ups. Currently, we are in the blistering cold and it is important to be equipped with heat. In the offseason, it is also important to be ahead of the curve and have your system maintained before the cold weather comes. Being proactive and ready for what is to come with the weather will only help you! It is necessary to perform these measures so there is no future problem or downtime in getting you warm in the winter.

Now, what should you be on the lookout for? Well, it is important to know that not all of these are visible occurrences to see. Aspects such as a high energy bill could cause concern for heating errors to be occurring within your system. If you begin to notice your system is performing not as it has been in the past, you should be monitoring that as well. Noises, smells, and dust, as well as carbon monoxide detectors, can all show that your system may be compromised.

With respect to gas furnace cleanings, it is imperative to inspect your furnace at least yearly. It is important to be doing this as the furnace is the main central unit in delivering heat to your home. Cleaning your furnace will prevent harmful debris from being within your house. You do not want to be breathing in harmful air. If you start to neglect your furnace and being on top of routine maintenance, it may not perform up to standards and lack in delivering heat to your entire home. Being at home with the world experiencing the pandemic at hand, it is imperative to be comfortable indoors and your air quality should be the best quality it can be.

Give us a call with any questions or concerns you may have with your system within your home. We want you to be using our system and experiencing the best quality of the air you can with our products. We remind you that we also have 24/7 emergency services at your discretion in case anything may go awry. If you are thinking about scheduling a maintenance call give us a call at (401) 738-9245 and we can get you on our calendar to come out for an inspection.