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Hard Vs. Soft Water

Isn’t water just water? The simple answer is no. The differences between hard and soft water can influence many day-to-day things in your life. Below we’re breaking down the differences between the two types of water to give you a better understanding of what’s being used in your home.  


Hard Water:  

When excessive amounts of calcium and magnesium are found in water, it’s considered hard water. Although calcium and magnesium are natural minerals and are essential for everyday living, they’re not essential to your homes’ water and can have a negative effect on everyday living. Hard water can leave a feeling of residue on your skin and hair resulting in dryness and flakiness. In addition to hard water having a negative effect on personal hygiene, it can affect the way your clothes feel after being washed. Lastly, having hard water in your home can cause an increase in your monthly water bill. Because of the mineral build-up hard water causes, it requires more energy for your water heater to heat the water. According to Clear Water Systems, “On average, 25% of your monthly electric or gas bill could be attributed to heating hard water.” Noticeable indicators that your home has hard water are soap scum on sinks and tubs, white flakey residue on faucets, residue on dishes, and dingy colors or feeling on your clothes.  


Soft Water:  

Differing from hard water, soft water has a lower amount of minerals in the water, creating gentler water for your skin, clothes, and appliances. Mixing your shampoos and soaps with soft water creates more of a lather, making it easier to rinse and more effective when bathing and showering. In addition to having a positive impact on hygiene, using soft water can also keep your clothes cleaner while saving on detergents and maintenance! According to Puronics, “With soft water, appliances and fixtures maintain their efficiency and flow rate much longer. Pipes without scale buildup last longer as well, reducing costly replacements.”  


Water Softeners & Water Filtration Systems: 

A water softener, which is a small appliance attached to your water pump, ionizes all minerals found within the water before it reaches your faucet. There are three different water filtration systems available for installation from Greenwood: Reverse Osmosis, Ion Exchange, and Granular Activated Carbon.  


Not sure what water is being used in your home or want to want to add a water filtration system? Give the experts at Greenwood Plumbing & Heating a call to help you chose the right filtration system for your home!