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5 Reasons Why a Pre-Season Tune-Up for Your AC System is So Important

With summer right around the corner, it is so important to make sure your air conditioning system is up and running at full efficiency. This might be something that has sunk into the back of your mind during the chilly winter months – but now the sun is shining which means it’s time for a pre-season tune-up! Wondering what a pre-season air conditioning tune-up can help with? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Prevents Malfunction and Major Issues

Checking up on your air conditioning system is crucial to solving problems before they happen. When working on a pre-season tune-up, your professional can spot what issues are about to occur and prevent them from happening. It is the best time to spot any rusted or older parts that need replacing so they can be replaced quickly before the hot summer even begins, and to ensure your system doesn’t break down right in the middle of the season! Can you imagine a broken system in the peak heat of the summer? Scheduling a pre-season tune-up is the perfect way to prevent that. Your professional will also be able to tighten any loose-fitting parts, check refrigerant levels, clean coils, and more to make sure your system is always operating at its best.

Creates a More Efficient System

During your pre-season tune-up, your professional will be able to tinker inside of your AC system to allow it to operate more efficiently. They will clean out any dirt and dust that could be stuck in your system, lubricate any appropriate fittings, and more! This is the best way to make sure your system is operating at its most efficient levels and allow your system to work at full capacity.

Save Money in the Long Run

Since you are being proactive and staying one step ahead when you schedule your air conditioning pre-season tune-up, you will save tons of money! When your professional arrives and begins working, they will be able to make sure all parts are operating at their most efficient levels by lubricating any appropriate parts, checking refrigerant levels checking amperages, evaluating thermostat operation, and more. When all of these parts are working well, that is more cash in your pocket later on when you don’t have to fix them!

Longer Life of Your AC

Keeping everything maintained and operating efficiently throughout the whole life of your air conditioning system will be able to prevent major issues and malfunctions from happening in the first place. By staying one step ahead, you can take care of problems before they are even able to happen, thus allowing your system to last longer and of course, keeping more money in your pocket! Scheduling that pre-season tune-up is so important to maintain the longevity of your entire system.

More Comfort During the Hot Summer

Possibly the most important thing that a pre-season tune-up can help with is providing more comfort during those hot summer months. When your professional is checking up on your air conditioning system, they will be checking to see that the refrigerant levels are maintained, and the thermostat is operating at its best. This ensures that the coolest air will be flowing through your home or business during those sweltering hot days!

Schedule Your Pre-Season Tune-Up with Greenwood Today!

Now is the perfect time to schedule that pre-season tune-up with the professionals at Greenwood Plumbing. When you schedule your pre-season with us, we will actually go into your system and provide physical tune-ups for its most efficient operation such as cleaning coils, tightening loose fittings, and more, unlike others that will just turn your system on to make sure it is operating. Give us a call at 401-738-9245 or visit us online at to schedule your appointment today!