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8 Reasons to Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance in the Fall 

The frequency with which HVAC maintenance should be done is a crucial step in supporting the system’s equipment. With a regular maintenance schedule, homeowners can sleep well knowing that the system is functioning at peak efficiency throughout the year. During the maintenance check, if the system has any problems, the specialist will be able to identify and solve them. Here are eight reasons why you should have your HVAC maintenance done in the fall:

HVAC Inspection

A HVAC system’s maintenance plan contains specific procedures for the technician to follow. Homeowners may rest confident that whatever is included in HVAC maintenance plans includes an examination of the entire system. The checklist is generally a multi-point procedure that checks both indoor and outdoor components. 

Areas to inspect include: 

  1. Outdoor condensing unit 
  2. Indoor evaporator coil 
  3. Visible refrigerant leaks 
  4. Primary and secondary condensate drain pan and drain line 
  5. P-trap 
  6. Blower assembly 
  7. Refrigerant lines 
  8. Wiring and control unit 
  9. Thermostat operation 
  10. Electrical components 
  11. Safety controls 

Areas to verify include: 

  1. Blower speed 
  2. Suction pressure 
  3. Discharge pressure 
  4. Air static pressure for supply and return 
  5. Heat pump temperature drop/rise. 
  6. Sub-cooling or superheating 
  7. Motor amps 
  8. Voltage levels 

Areas to clean include: 

  • Control panel 
  • Filter 

The equipment is run through a cycle to ensure that it is functioning properly after all parts of the facility have been checked and verified. Finally, the expert provides the homeowner with a written description of the findings, accompanied by pictures of the work completed as well as a list of any current or potential problems discovered.

Prolong the HVAC’s Lifespan

Is it worth the trouble to have your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system maintained? The answer is yes since an HVC system is a long-term investment in your property as well as the environment. Keeping the system up to date and in good working order adds value to your house by extending its lifespan and improving its resale value. 

Regular maintenance allows an HVAC technician to check for any issues the system may be End of story.

Maintain Energy Efficiency

An increase in monthly utility costs is a bad sign that the HVAC system isn’t operating effectively. As the system operates, it gathers dust, dirt, pet dander, and other airborne particles until the filter clogs because to a dirty filter that can no longer perform its function. 

Because the dirty filter no longer cleans the air, the HVAC system must work harder and longer to do its job, resulting in a higher utility bill, a less efficient system, and increased stress and strain on components of the system that must work harder. This extra effort can speed up the aging process by causing system parts and components to prematurely require repair or replacement.

Potential Repair and Replacement

Without a maintenance program in place, homeowners will be unaware of any issues or underlying concerns the system may have. Inadequate repair can result in components breaking down, resulting in expensive repairs. A system failure might sometimes necessitate the replacement of the entire device, which can be costly.

Prepare for the Winter Season

The HVAC system has been in continuous operation throughout the previous summer. It’s a good idea to do an inspection of the system before going into the winter months. While problems can arise at any time, having a regular maintenance check enables you to correct any operational difficulties before they become serious, rather than having the entire system break down in the middle of winter. 

The HVAC technician will check the operation of your system during a fall maintenance inspection. The technician will inspect, clean, and repair all components of the unit to ensure that it is ready for winter use. The system will be ready to make the shift to air conditioning in the spring.

Clean the Air

When a regular maintenance check hasn’t been completed in the previous months, by the time fall arrives, your home may be filled with a variety of airborne pollutants that are circulated throughout every room. With numerous airborne poisons circulating in the house all the time, it might have an impact on one’s health, leading to allergies and respiratory issues. The filter of the unit will be changed as a result of a fall maintenance check, along with thoroughly inspecting the HVAC system, resulting in cleaner and healthier air. 


Because any piece of equipment that operates daily, such as an air conditioner, is critical. When a heating system is not maintained during the winter season, it may be pricey and dangerous. A service technician can check for any leaks and any safety concerns in the system during the fall, when heat is most needed, by scheduling a maintenance check.

Indoor and Outdoor Clearance

As an HVAC pro goes over their checklist of inspections, there are a variety of tasks that a homeowner may accomplish inside and outside the home to assist the system’s functioning: 


Remove any storage boxes, bins, or other sort of container from the system. Keep these objects and loose items at least 3 feet apart from the unit. The HVAC system’s surroundings must be clear and uncluttered for airflow to be unimpeded. Make sure all supply air vents are fully opened and that the return air intake has a fresh filter and is not obstructed by anything. 


The outside area surrounding the heat pump in an HVAC system is also subject to the same restrictions. The fall is a good time for outdoor work since the weather is pleasant. Within a two-foot radius of the heat pump, clear away any trash. This may be done by trimming bushes, removing vines, and cutting grass high. In addition, there is plenty of room for free ventilation. 

Schedule an Appointment 

It’s important to get your heat pump system in shape now, before the weather starts getting chillier. If you don’t already know where you’ll store your wood while it’s seasonally dormant, there are several options available nowadays. You should consider time and money when determining which option is best for you. 

Providing a yearly maintenance check for HVAC systems, regardless of how old or new they are, ensures that the device is one step ahead of any potential problems while ensuring homeowners that the system is operating at peak cooling and heating efficiency when needed.