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Prepping Your Home Plumbing For Summer

Summer is rapidly approaching, which means family barbecues, graduation parties, Fourth of July celebrations, and other outdoor events will be on your calendar. But before you finalize your summer calendar, make sure your plumbing system is in good working order. 

While you’re enjoying time with your guests, a plumbing issue might be an inconvenience. As a result, the staff at Service Experts, the nation’s top brand for plumbing repairs and maintenance, has offered some helpful plumbing upkeep tips. Tackle them immediately to increase the likelihood that your summer fun will be as pleasurable as planned. 

  1. Check your hose spigot, sprinkler, and irrigation systems

It’s easy to forget about the plumbing on the outside of your home when it comes to holiday outdoor parties. However, it’s an excellent location to start your plumbing maintenance and inspections. Sprinkler heads that are worn will need to be replaced, as they will soon be relied on more heavily for your grass to stay green and your children to cool as they dash through them for midday relaxation. Leaks in your sprinkler or irrigation system, as well as leaks in your hose spigot, should all be inspected. While you can notice outside hose spigot leaks on your own, a professional may inform you to look for interior wall leakages as well. 

  1. Clean and unclog bathroom and kitchen drains, check fixtures

Plumbing problems are most likely to occur in your kitchen and bathroom. To begin your investigation, remove all objects beneath sinks to inspect drain lines and the undersides of faucets for leaks. Your cabinets might also assist you in determining what’s wrong. Mildew, warped wood, and leaky drip locations are all indicators of drain speaking or fixture leaking. Fill the sink and watch how quickly it drains. All blockages and leaks must be immediately resolved by a professional, and you shouldn’t try to use liquid cleaners as a long-term fix for clogs. 

“We really discourage homeowners from using a liquid agent to resolve drain clogs. They may remove the obstruction, but they risk damaging plastic or metal pipes in the process,” said BJ Richardson of Service Experts. “A skilled professional can clean out all of your drains, repair a failed one, and provide peace of mind with a guarantee.” 

  1. Don’t forget your sump pump

Although the weather is mild during the summer, certain areas of the country may experience significant rainfall. If your sump pump isn’t ready, those rains might cause basement floods. Even minor soil seepage at all times of year can lead to mold and water damage if a properly functioning pump isn’t in place. The pump should be inspected by a professional to ensure that it is working correctly, debris should be removed, the electricity cable should be checked, and most importantly, water added to the pit to see how quickly it responds. It may need to be serviced if it quits or takes too long to respond 

  1. Fix toilet leaks

This might be the most significant benefit of this decision. A few simple inspections by a qualified expert may help you save water and avoid expensive repairs. Leaks around the flapper in the tank tend to wear down over time, especially around the flapper. A skilled plumber can also quickly examine other components within the tank as well as those surrounding it for further damage. The tank’s components are rather inexpensive; If the toilet’s fill valve is sluggish or hoses or washers appear to be worn, all these parts may be replaced by a qualified technician in a short time and inexpensively. And keep in mind that delaying even the smallest toilet repair right now can lead to larger, more expensive difficulties down the road. 

  1. It’s a great time to drain the water heater

Water heaters are one of the most common causes of home fires, and even though a water heater failure may not appear to be as catastrophic in the summer as it would during the winter, it is still inconvenient. If you haven’t drained your water heater this year, now is the time to do it before the summertime fun begins and guests demand lots of hot showers. Water heaters accumulate minerals and debris at their base over time, causing corrosion and necessitating a water heater repair or replacement. This easy maintenance task can be completed by a plumber, who can also take care of other home repairs. 

“Many of these inspections may seem obvious, but when our lives are busy, they can easily be overlooked,” Richardson said. “Today you may hire a certified professional to check all of your plumbing systems. You’ll be able to plan your summer activities with greater confidence knowing that nothing unexpected will happen.”