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Pre-Season Heating Inspection

The cold winter weather is quickly approaching! Stay ahead of the game and get your heating system checked out before the temperatures drop. Our trained professionals will come in and do a full inspection and diagnosis of your heating system to be sure that your system is clean and safe. Depending on your current heating system, the inspection will include all of the following that apply: 

  • Combustion analysis
    • measures CO2 levels for gas units 
    • O2 levels for oil units; we do this to ensure heating units are set at a safe and proper level. 
  • Check safeties/ limit switches 
  • Change the customer-provided filter  
    • There are many types of filters, we do not carry them on the trucks, but our techs will be happy to change them out if the filters are provided. 
  • Test the ignition system 
  • Inspect the thermostat 
  • Check the electrical components and connections 
  • Inspect the fuel delivery components 
  • Check the ducts and dampers 
  • Check the drain vales 
    •  test the condensate pump 
  • Check the hoses and belts 
  • Check the exhaust vent and heat exchanger 
To make an appointment for your pre-season heating system inspection, call us today at 401-738-9245 or schedule online via our website at