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Preparing Your Home for Spring

Spring is on the way and we are getting closer to some warmer weather…hopefully sooner than we think. We can all agree we have seen enough snow for the year.  Before the warm weather hits, make sure you start up your A/C system and get them ready to go. The flowers will be blooming and pollen will be in the air, which means allergies will be plaguing us.  Make sure your home is providing the cleanest air to give you a break from the outside pollen.


With your A/C unit off all winter, it has most likely collected dust and debris which can cause the unit to underperform.  A simple filter replacement is the best way to make sure the unit is ready to perform to its full potential.  Another A/C service we offer includes a check for faulty fan units and leaking refrigerants, which could have also happened over the cold winter.


With allergy season getting closer, you want to make sure the air inside your home is as clean as possible.  Whole-house air cleaners will rid the inside air of all the dust from outside.  UV air treatment systems use ultraviolet light to clean the air inside your home and can focus on areas where mold and bacteria usually congregate.

Keeping these services up to date is the best way to ensure that you will be ready for Spring.  The last thing you’ll want to realize on the first day of warm weather is a faulty A/C unit.  Schedule an appointment with us today!