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Tips For Winterizing Your Home

As the winter weather conditions endure, heating your home is a top priority for many. With weeks of rain, a sprinkling of snow and a drop in temperature, the “heating season” is well underway. Heating is expensive enough already, so you don’t want to pay for heat that escapes out windows, doors and cracks rather than staying inside and keeping you warm.

How to spend less without your family budget experiencing “the big chill” is the question, and there are small things you can do to winterize your home and save yourself big bucks on heating costs:

  • Caulk Around the Windows

Seal all cracks and openings to prevent warm air from escaping and cold air from sneaking in.

  • Add Heavy Drapes and Rugs

Replace light summer drapes with heavy winter drapes to keep the room warmer. A down rug can also provide an added layer of insulation above the floor.

  • Add Draft Guards

In a drafty room, heat escapes under the door. Prevent heat loss by placing draft guards underneath – a simple, inexpensive solution.

  • Clear the Yard

Winter conditions like ice, snow and wind can weaken trees and cause branches to fall, potentially damaging your home or car. Keep trees trimmed and remove dead branches and debris from your yard.

  • Improve your Insulation

Insulation deteriorates over time, so you may want to add more material in your attic. Other places to add insulation are in crawl spaces and exposed areas of decks.

  • Prevent Plumbing Freezes

Protect against frozen pipes by insulating those most susceptible to freezing. Keep a stream of water running in a few faucets to guard against freezing and bursting.

  • Mind That Thermostat

Turn down the heat when you leave the house and when you go to sleep. For every degree you lower the thermostat during heating season, you’ll save between 1 and 3 percent of your heating bill.

Know When to Call A Professional

Your home is your biggest investment – winterizing it helps protect it while also keeping you comfortable.

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