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Get Ready for Winter!

Calling all homeowners! Winter is quickly approaching, so you need to make sure you’re home is ready. Prepare your heating system by getting a pre-winter tune up. Greenwood technicians will come out to your home and do a full diagnosis of your heating system. They will inspect to make sure your system is clean and safe for the upcoming season. Our professional technicians will inspect your entire heating system.

We offer a variety of services for preseason heating. In particular, one service that we do is Combustion Analysis. This measures CO2 levels for gas units and O2 levels for oil units; we do this to ensure heating units are set at a safe and proper level. Our trusted professionals will make sure that all safety regulations are always met.

In conclusion, a preseason tune-up will keep your heating system efficient. Inspections once a year will keep your products up to date and working smoothly. Greenwood Plumbing & Heating provides the best service & quality – so schedule today!

Give us a call for all of your pre-winter and seasonal heating issues! (401) 738-9245