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5 Plumbing Myths Debunked

  1. Flushable wipes are safe to flush  

Many companies advertise their ‘flushable’ wipes as an alternative hygiene method, and though it may appeal to people, flushable wipes are just like disposable wipes and aren’t great for your septic system. Flushable wipes can technically be flushed but they will not make it much farther than the curved part of the toilet. Unlike toilet paper, when wet it disintegrates, flushable wipes hold together stronger when wet, causing the wipe to get stuck in the drainpipe, resulting in a clogged sewer line.  


      2. Hot grease can go down a kitchen sink with water 

Pouring grease down a kitchen sink drain is NEVER a good idea and can result in serious and expensive plumbing issues. When grease is poured down a drain, regardless of if hot water is poured immediately after, it will begin to solidify and cause build-up preventing water from flowing freely through the pipes. 


      3. Lemon peels are good for a garbage disposal  

According to Moen, “over half of Americans (58 percent) believe that putting lemons through a garbage disposal will make it smell better.” Although this method may temporarily help with the odor of leftover food and foul smells coming from your sink- repetitive use can damage the garbage disposal. The acidity from the lemon peel will begin to break down the metal inside of the disposal.  


      4. Bleach tablets are good for a toilet  

Although bleach tablets are a tempting idea to help keep your toilet bowl clean and smelling fresher, they can cause damage to your toilet. Instead of using bleach tablets, it’s important to use cleaners that are specifically labeled for bathroom and toilet use to avoid unnecessary and expensive damage.  


      5. It’s a good idea to put a brick in your toilet tank 

Many people say that placing a brick inside your toilet tank will reduce the amount of water used per flush. This may sometimes be accurate, but there are more downsides to this popular “trick” that may not be thought out. Although brick is made to withhold wet elements, over time particles may deteriorate and get into the plumbing of the toilet, causing harm to the toilet and racking up an expensive plumbing bill.  


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