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Why Is Drain Cleaning Maintenace Important?

We always recommend regular maintenance for your drains. But why? Are there really any real reasons why we should make sure to clean our drains regularly? There are so many ways you can take preventative measures to help ease the burdens of emergencies in your home or business which in turn, will save you tons of money in the long run. Here are 5 reasons why you should maintain your drains on a regular basis: 


Extends the lifespan of your drains 

Keeping your drains clean and upkept will ensure that they will last as long as possible. Keeping your drains maintained is crucial in extending the lifespan of your drains so that there is no debris or other objects living in your drains that could corrode them quicker than normal or create difficult clogs. We always want our drains to last as long as possible so that it saves money in the long run. Regular maintenance is crucial! 

Fewer clogs 

With regular upkeep of your drains, it will create fewer clogs in the long run. If you take the time to regularly maintain your drains, there will not be as much debris stuck, or living in your pipes which in turn, will lessen the clogs that could happen. 

Faster drainage  

We all know the feeling – when the water starts slowly draining down the sink. We hate to see it, so by keeping your drains maintained, this will almost never need to happen! Keep the water flowing efficiently (and quickly) down your drains with the proper maintenance 

Eliminates odors 

Even the thought of the smell of dirty drains is enough to make your stomach curl…who knows what could be stuck down there! Taking the time to regularly clean and maintain drains will avoid any foul-smelling odors – especially in that kitchen sink! 

Prevents major damage to your home 

No one wants to take the time to rip down walls and begin an entire home remodel. Keeping your drains maintained will ensure that there are no major problems building up “behind the scenes”. Stay one step ahead of any issues, and protect your home from major damage faulty drain systems could cause! 


Now, how often should you maintain your drain? This could vary from home to home depending on the size and frequency of the drains used. But generally, yearly maintenance is recommended. But, you can always take preventative measures to prevent more frequent visits such as drain stops, avoiding chemical cleaners down the drain, and being mindful of what other objects go down the drain. This will lessen the load when it becomes time to do your routine maintenance.  

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