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A Lesson on Radiant Heat

Transition to Radiant Heat


Winter is still dragging on, and chances are, you’re still cranking your heat. We’re going to guess that you get your heat from radiators and vents spread throughout your home? It’s what we’ve all grown up on and used for years. But what if we said there was a newer, more efficient way to heat your home? That’s where radiant floor heating comes in.


Say goodbye to those pesky radiators, isolated cold spots, and frustrating ductwork. This system is completely invisible because it lies within your walls and floors. Here’s how it works: a boiler pumps hot water through pipes that are coiled throughout your home from underneath the floor. This means that the heat rises up to heat the entirety of that room, cutting down on wasted heat. Think of it like a burner on a stove top. The floor itself will be especially warm. Hardwood and tile floor-owners rejoice! Besides this method, you can also use coiled resistance wire powered by electricity to achieve the same result, although this is often used to heat smaller rooms.


Essentially, radiant heating heats the areas of your home where you need it the most, and you can be sure that the entire space will be evenly warm. It’s not just efficient, though. It will save you a considerable amount of money compared to traditional heating methods – up to 30%! However, there is a higher installation cost per square foot. But that cost will be recuperated as the radiant heating system begins to save you money (just like solar panels). The one thing this system can’t do compared to traditional heating/HVAC systems is cool your home in the hot summer weather, so you will need an additional cooling system.


If you are looking for the most energy efficient heating system around, then radiant heat is truly your number one option. If you live in a house that’s spread out and has high ceilings, then it will really make a difference in your comfort and your wallet. As always, the Greenwood team is here for you, and we’re ready to install you a heating system that you’re bound to love. All you have to do is pick up the phone, and give us a ring!