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Commonly Asked Plumbing Questions- ANSWERED!

What can I put in my garbage disposal?  Most up-to-date kitchens have the convenience of a garbage disposal to alleviate the stress of cleaning up but when the garbage disposal begins leaking, gets clogged, or stops working it becomes much more of a headache than a convenience. To keep your garbage disposal in well-working condition it is important to know what should and shouldn’t […]


Hard Vs. Soft Water

Isn’t water just water? The simple answer is no. The differences between hard and soft water can influence many day-to-day things in your life. Below we’re breaking down the differences between the two types of water to give you a better understanding of what’s being used in your home.     Hard Water:   When excessive amounts of calcium and magnesium are found in water, it’s considered hard water. Although […]

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5 Plumbing Myths Debunked

Flushable wipes are safe to flush   Many companies advertise their ‘flushable’ wipes as an alternative hygiene method, and though it may appeal to people, flushable wipes are just like disposable wipes and aren’t great for your septic system. Flushable wipes can technically be flushed but they will not make it much farther than the curved part of the toilet. […]

Home Re-Pipe

4 Signs Showing You Need to Re-Pipe Your Home

The housing market is on the rise right now, and more people than ever are looking to relocate. Home remodeling is also on a huge uptick, as people are spending more time at home with remote work and looking to refresh their living space! Before taking the dive into purchasing a home, or spending a full budget on new décor, you might want to consider your plumbing […]