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The Benefits of Hydro Jetting

What is Hydro jetting and how is it done:

Hydro jetting is the process of using a high-pressure stream of water (as strong as 60,000 psi) to clean the interior and remove scale, grease, and other debris from pipes that build up over time. Hydro jetting is an alternative to manual drain cleaning- taking less time with better results. Before and after the pressurized water is sprayed, Greenwood Plumbing and Heating inspects your pipes using a small camera. This ensures there are no cracks or significant damage in the pipes.

Benefits of Hydro jetting:

  • Cleans and unclogs– hydro jetting not only unclogs the pipes, it cleans them too. No matter what you’re dealing with- dirt, soap, fats, etc…  it can effectively restore the flow to your pipes.
  • Consistent– pressurized water streams pass through the pipes, creating a spinning movement from multiple angles in order to scrape even the most stubborn dirt and debris from the interior of pipes without causing damage.
  • Powerful– with many other drain cleaning methods out there, why choose hydro jetting? It is one of the only plumbing solutions that can deal with virtually all types of pipe clogging. Best of all – it doesn’t cause significant damage and still penetrating deeply to remove debris.
  • Bacterial removal– hydro jet streams are so powerful they can remove bacteria growth within pipes in addition to grease and dirt buildup by simply using water.
  • Economical- conventional drain cleaning should be done twice a year, but with hydro jetting, it may take several years before it is needed again.
  • Safe– using mostly water to clean the pipes, hydro jetting offers a safe, and environmentally- friendly alternative to other drain cleaning solutions involving chemicals.

Investing in the care of your pipes will make sure they withstand the test of time. Think you might have a clogged pipe or two? Call Greenwood Plumbing and Heating (401)738-9245.