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Three Tips for Improving Your Sprinkler System

Summer in Rhode Island is upon us, which means barbecues, picnics, and celebrations are just around the corner. Make sure your lawn is ready by checking your sprinkler system and performing routine maintenance. Here are some tips to keep your sprinkler system working and your lawn looking its best this season.

1. Measure your sprinklers water usage.

Not sure how much water your sprinkler system is using? First, place several empty, wide mouth containers around your lawn while running the system for the usual duration of time. Next, measure the water collected in the containers with a ruler and average the amounts. Consider switching your sprinkler heads to more efficient models in order to cut down on water usage.

2. Check for leakage and spray patterns.

Begin by making sure your sprinkler heads are free from potential blockages such as plant debris to ensure maximized water coverage to your lawn. Additionally, adjust each sprinkler head so that it is watering your lawn and plants – not the sidewalks or driveway. Most importantly, mark where each head is placed to prevent damage caused by mowing and lawn maintenance.

3. Get your backflow preventer checked.

In order to keep your drinking water safe this summer, make sure to schedule an appointment to have your backflow preventer checked. Backflow checks ensure that contaminated water containing pesticides, fertilizers or other impurities from your lawn aren’t flowing back into your drinking water. Annual checks are required by the Environmental Protection Agency and can be easily scheduled with Greenwood Plumbing & Heating.┬áContact us using the form below or click here to schedule your next backflow test today.

Ensuring that your sprinkler systems are working will save you water, time and money this summer and keep your lawn looking green and beautiful!